Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Circus, Circus

We had lots of fun at the circus. It's not at all what I remembered; it's now a giant production like a Broadway show. Seamus was in absolute awe. He especially loved the clowns and this crazy thing with seven motorcycles driving around in a little metal cage like in the Simpsons movie, but multiplied by seven and a much smaller cage.

Here's a video and a picture of Seamus in his new clown mask (kinda creepy):

Sunday, Seamus had a play date at our house with four of his friends. He was in heaven playing the little host and can't stop asking about when the next play date is.

Here's some more pix of Seamus playing with his Dudes and the letter magnets that he is addicted to. Also one of his new soccer class.

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Natalia Ritchie said...

Hi Julie,
Reading your blog brings back some memories for me, let me tell you!! Your little boy is precious!
All I can tell you is to keep at it. It will feel endless sometimes, and often like it's going nowhere, but it does work. Physio and exercise are key. So is keeping him nice and fat (I use that term very very loosly, as I know just keeping him an avg. weight is a challenge).
Good luck to you, James, and Seamus!!
I will keep reading your amazing blog.