Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm back

I'm just going to pretend it hasn't been two months since I last posted and start the New Year off right.

Our holidays were very nice. We went down to North Carolina and saw lots of people. We saw my brother and his family who we haven't seen in more than a year. Seamus adores his cousins, Alex and Cassidy. We celebrated Christmas and Alex's birthday the week before actual Christmas day. We spent some time with James' sister Carol too whom we hadn't seen in a long time.

We visited with our old friends Trish and Joe and their kids. They are much older than Seamus but are they were so nice to play with him for hours. At the end of the day, he send "Mommy, this is a great play date!"

Santa was nice to Seamus. The big present was Pluto (guess who named him?), our new doggie. He's the sweetest thing but he came with a long list of unexpected ailments: heartworms, kennel cough, vomiting, and enlarged prostate. We're working on getting him better.

Uncle Rick came to help us celebrate New Years. Seamus always loves to see him. We spent New Years Eve playing the Dr Seuss ABC Stretching Game, which is like Twister for little folks, even though most of us are not so little. And of course, we made hats which is the tradition in our house for any special occasion.

Seamus' newest obsession is Shrek. He asked for Shrek toys for Christmas but Santa had a very hard time finding any so instead he got the first two Shrek movies. We've discovered Seamus is a very good impersonator. He does a mean Shrek walking around the house saying "dawn-kay" and you've never heard anything as cute as "Jingle Bells" in a little Scottish accent.

Our newest hobby is drawing and cutting out all kinds of paper "dudes". We've made hundreds, everyone from Santa to Buzz Lightyear to all the kids in his class. There is a whole sub-genre of super heroes like Super Sponge Bob, Party Man (whose super power is throwing great parties), and even Super Pillsbury Dough Boy. Today, we made Dancing Man, whose ability is to change bad guys into dancers and Bow Bear who is a bear but can change into a bee and turns bad guys into logs when she stings them.

Reading is going really well. He's picking up lots of words and is starting working on writing his letters. We still do words-of-the-day and his vocabulary is pretty impressive, if I say so myself. We were playing a game the other day that I found frustrating and I said "This is maddening". Later that night he was getting annoyed with something and told me it was "bald on the head, that means frustrating Mommy."

He started taking a tap/ballet class. He's the only boy with 14 girls but he doesn't seem to mind. Some days I can tell it takes a lot out of him but he has fun.

His health has been relatively good. We've been really lucky respiratory-wise, no bad colds to speak of but he's gone back and forth a lot to the GI doc and had another scope. Even though he's in pain, they couldn't find anything new so he's still on the same regimen. Everyday it's a struggle with pooping and we know it can't go on like this. It shouldn't have to always hurt and you can't imagine how hard it is to have nothing comforting to say when he says "It hurts Mommy."

I have lots of pictures which I'll update soon, I promise.