Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Seamus is very excited for Christmas. It's really fun because it's the first year he's really understood. We saw Santa last week at Daddy's Holiday Market and Seamus was prepared:

Santa: What would you like for Christmas?
Seamus: Dora stuff and Diego stuff and Boots stuff and train stuff and baby doll stuff and book stuff...

He has made friends with all the Christmas tree ornaments. From the living room we often hear a little voice, "Are you okay?", "I'm okay", "You're my friend". It's not unusual to find a little ornament or two in his crib that he's brought up for a nap.

Seamus made his first snowman with Daddy. It was about a foot tall but he was so proud of it.

Jumping has become a new passion. He can now get air under his feet when he jumps which he finds very exciting so he must practice every chance he gets. Dancing is still one of his favorite hobbies too. He has a new book, Ted and Friends, which has a pig who does the jig so Seamus now jigs.

He spent another night in the hospital last weekend but he made the most of it. He had a really big room all to himself so there was lots of room for dancing and jumping (of course, after he was feeling better). While we were waiting to be discharged, the whole Coleman family shared a nice dance at Seamus' request. Mommy and Daddy had to dance holding hands while Seamus did a jig around us. The hospital staff kept walking past and laughing, but we couldn't care less. I'm going to hold onto that memory for a long time.