Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Best

This morning at 5:00 AM, I heard Seamus calling to me from his room. He wanted to come into bed with us.

As we were falling back to sleep, he said "Let's hold hands." So we did, and the last thing I heard was "I love you, Mommy".

Doesn't get any better than that.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Part 1

Well, we've been very busy lately. The house is getting nearly completed and over the weekend we moved in all my mother's things. Seamus loves running around the "new house" and has found lots of good hide and seek places.

The weekend was busy with Halloween activities. We went to a party at the local musuem in town on Saturday. It was fun but poor Seamus was squeezed pretty tightly in his "chihuahua" costume. I say that in quotes because the only dog costume I could find was a pug but every since we saw that horrible movie, Seamus has had nothing but chihuahuas on his mind. I got a 3T which is supposed to be for 32-37 pounds. Seamus is barely 32 pounds but there is no way it fits. We could literally squeeze him into it only after cutting a hole in the crotch because his torso is too long. The feeding tube adds to the tightness too. It was the biggest one they had and he loves it. If we went up in size, it was into the big boy costumes which were all pirates and ninjas and I'm not ready for my baby to do that.

On Sunday, we met Seamus' friend Neve and her cousin and parents at a pumpkin patch. The corn maze was a hit with the kids but the best was the hayride. It went through the woods and had all the characters from Shrek, Winnie the Pooh and a bunch of fairy tales. The kids loved it. We also picked out pumpkins which we took home and carved last night.

I have to mention a cute story. Seamus and I went to Burger King yesterday and he got a toy that looks like a miniture tv with a couple pictures that you scroll through. When we got home, James was watching football. A little while later I went into the room and saw Seamus sitting in his Diego chair next to his daddy holding hands with him. I asked him if he was watching football and he said no, he was watching the puppy show. He had put the little BK tv next to the real tv and was sitting there staring at the picture of the dog. He told us the whole story of the show, "It's about a puppy who lives in a house with his mommy and daddy."

I could just eat him up. Pictures of the chihuahua to come.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Are you 3 or 13?

Last night, Seamus was in rare form. James tripped over one of his toys and hurt his foot and was hopping around in pain. Seamus' response: "It's no big deal, Daddy."

Also last night, Seamus and I were doing the Wii and I got on to be weighed. When your weight increases, it makes your little Mii, which is supposed to look like you, get bigger. Seamus saw that and said "Mommy, you're big and fat".

I realize he is just parroting me. Today I caught myself saying "It's no big deal" to somebody and yesterday after we went out to lunch, I was very full and said I felt big and fat. But still.

He does another funny thing For some reason, most of his sentences start in one of three ways:
"So, I want to go to the park."
"Oh yeah, I want to go to the park."
"I just want to go to the park."

I'm not sure where he gets that from, but it's very cute.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

CF Appt

On Friday, Seamus had his CF appointment. Things are going pretty well, his chest sounded clear even though he seems to have a cold and he also has an ear infection. Seamus is so used to living in pain that he never complains. I did think something was funny when he said on Thursday that Crabby Patty's ear hurt. I asked him if Seamus' ear hurt too and he said "Noooo, Crabby Patty's ear hurt" in a tone that meant he thought I was nuts.

She wasn't too concerned about nursery school yet but does want to keep an eye on things. Seamus had just finished a round of antibiotics for the last cold when he started sniffling again. If it turns into a hacking cough kind of a cold that lingers, we will need to re-evaulate school.

They are a little concerned about his weight. His weight went down but he gained a half an inch so his BMI is going down. Not a good sign. We will need to increase his night feeds if this continues because there is no way he's going to make up the calories by eating. The kid just has no interest, except for french fries.

On a very happy note, Miss Terri's son did not actually pass away. There was some miscommunication at nursery school. Apparently, he came extremely close but they were able to revive him. He is in critical condition, but doing okay.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I just found out that Seamus' teacher, Miss Terri, lost her son yesterday. He was just a teenager with several health problems who apparently had an asthma attack and died. I can't even imagine what she's going through. It makes me realize how very, very, very lucky I am and I want to run home and hug my baby right now.

Tomorrow, he has a CF appointment. I think he's starting to get another cold so we'll see what Dr P says about nursery school.

BTW, thumbs down on Chihuahua from me but big thumbs up from Ga and Seamus.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

New fun

For my birthday, James got me a Wii. We all love it, especially Seamus. He can't get enough baseball and he's really good at the bowling. He beats me. I'm using the Wii fit to try to lose weight. Seamus will use it to try to gain weight.

Other than the Wii, it's been a pretty quiet week. The house is moving along and Ga will be moving in with us in a couple of weeks whether it's done or not.

Today, we're going to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I"ll let you know how it is.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Seamus had a great birthday party. It was outside at a local park and it rained off and on all day. That just made it messier and more fun. Everybody was caked in mud by the end. Here are some pix.

I also had a nice birthday on Friday. It was a milestone birthday so I thought I'd be pretty upset but it was actually very nice. I took the day off of work and James, Seamus and I went to WV. I was sitting at lunch watching my two favorite boys when I realized my life couldn't be better. Forty shmorty.