Monday, March 30, 2009


Seamus and I have a routine every night. He brushes his teeth, gets his pj's on and we read a bedtime story (or 4 or 5). Then we cuddle in my bed and chat for a little while until he's ready for his bed. These are some of my favorite times and something I hope he always remembers about his childhood.

Tonight, we read a Dora the Explorer book about the circus, then we named all the colors in Spanish, even all the made up colors like pink-blue and brown-white.

S: "Seamus is tired. Is Mommy sleepy? Is Pa sleeping in Heaven?"
M: "Yes, he is, Sweetie"
S: "What color is his plane?"

It took me a minute and then I remembered this conversation we had last summer.

M: "He's not in a plane, Honey. He's in Heaven."
S: "Heaven is in the sky, right? So he's in a plane. Why is he in Heaven?"
M: "He was very old and sick with cancer."
S: "Why was he old and sick?"
M: "Some people just get cancer"
S: "Will I get cancers?"
M: "No, Honey. Pa is happy now and he's not sick anymore. He doesn't need to use his wheelchair and he can dance."
S: "He can dance? Good." Then I heard him softly whisper "wheelchair, wheelchair".
S: "Mommy, how do you spell wheelchair?"
M: "W-H-E-E-L-C-H-A-I-R"
S: "Wheelchairs have wheels. What else has wheels?"

He rolled over on his elbows and looked just like Doris Day in Pillow Talk while we listed everything from cars to wheelbarrows. He thought of some good ones like skateboards and "sometimes, beds have wheels" and of course, planes.

I love how his brain works.


Alicia said...

Oh, so precious. What sweet moments. Thank you for letting me add your blog to the list! These women will benefit if they choose to read.

Natalia Ritchie said...

What a precious little boy.