Friday, March 20, 2009

Good Clinic

Today's clinic visit went well. Dr P said Seamus' lungs sound good and she thinks he probably caught two separate bugs which was why it seemed like he was getting better after being on Augmenten for 10 days and then getting drastically worse again. Hopefully the Omniceff will kick that soon. She was concerned that he has been getting out of breath which is new. She thinks he may have inflammation of his lungs since he's been coughing for 3 weeks so she put him on a 5 day dose of Prednisone.

But the best news was he gained almost a pound! That brings him back up to the 57th percentile. His height is still the 38th percentile but I think having a five foot tall mother has more to do with that then CF.

Tomorrow we're all going to the circus so I'll have lots to report!

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Seamus! Keep gaining weight!
Have a great weekend!