Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Well, it was only a matter of time. I was being very good at keeping up with the blog but I knew I couldn't keep it up for long.

Things have been hectic around here. Seamus had a very nice birthday party with lots of good friends. Mommy also celebrated her birthday, although a little quieter. We also have had some visitors, Uncle Rick and Grandpa. We were glad they could spend a few days with us.

There were a couple of hospital visits in the past few weeks, one for Mommy and one for Seamus. We're both doing okay although Seamus picked up a cold during his stay. A cold for him is a pretty big deal so we're watching it carefully.

The biggest thing we've been up to is getting the house ready for Ga and Pa. Seamus and I are flying up to Rochester this weekend and helping them with their big move down to Maryland. There has been lots of cleaning out basements and closets and creating art work in preparation. We are all very excited but a little concerned about the close quarters we'll be sharing until the new addition is built. It's going to be an adventure!