Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow bound

Seamus has a serious case of cabin fever...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow, snow, snow

Winter has been rough on Seamus. In the entire month of January, he was able to go to school only 3 times. First it was the hospitalization, then MLK Day and Parent/Teacher conferences and then the flu swept through his school so we kept him home for a few days. So he's had a bad case of cabin fever and now all the snow has added to it. We had a snowstorm last Saturday, more snow last night, and we're expected to get almost 2 feet on Saturday again.

We've tried to keep busy by playing computer and Wii games, sledding, making snowmen, and of course, drawing and cutting dudes. Today, James and Seamus took an inventory and actually counted almost 200.

Being cooped up has made him pretty snarky. He's getting more and more defiant and spending much more time on the Naughty Step. Tonight at dinner he started pounding the table and told me he was very frustrated because he did not want fish sticks.

He's also decided he's a big boy and no longer likes to snuggle before he goes to sleep. We read books and then he tells me leave. Sometimes after I leave, I hear him roaming around his room dragging his IV pole around with him.