Monday, April 27, 2009


I would love to see the world through Seamus' eyes. We went to the movie "Earth" yesterday, which is like the Discovery series "Planet Earth" and shows animals in their natural habitat. I was a little worried because I read some parts were scary for little ones. I tried to warn him ahead of time that if he was scared I would cover his eyes or we could leave. No reason to worry.

In what is probably the scariest scene, a cheetah is hunting a gazelle. Everything is in slow motion with the two animals running side by side. Seamus thought they were playing. The cheetah catches up to the gazelle and grabs his hind end and pulls it towards him. Seamus said "Oh, he loves her." Then in slow motion the cheetah embraces the gazelle and slowly his mouth reaches for the throat. Then the scene cuts away. Seamus said "Oh, they were hugging."

Later in the day, I let him run through the sprinkler in our front yard and before you knew it, we had all the neighborhood kids joining him. Seamus ate it right up and played the perfect little host, even though most of the kids were about 9 or 10. He met a new boy, Joey, that he thought was the bees knees. Eventually the sprinkler activities turned into a squirt gun battle. His greatest love, Stephanie, who can usually do no wrong was trying to sneak up on Joey and was enlisting Seamus' help. She told him to get Joey because "he was a bad guy". Seamus stopped in his tracks and yelled "He is not a bad guy, he's a really good guy."

I just love how he doesn't see the bad in anybody, a cheetah or his new pal Joey. Everybody gets the benefit of the doubt with no preconceived notions. Maybe it's just three year old innocence but I like to think it's also his huge heart.

BTW, we ended up doing three clean-out treatments at home. They were not very successful but seemed to temporarily do the trick. We have to continue to watch him closely.


CFlover said...

How very precious!

Tooter's Mommy (Courtney) said...

I adore all things Seamus-related!!

Tina said...

Hi I'm Tina, my husband Shawn has CF, is 35 and had a dbl lung transplant this past Thanksgiving Day.
Your son sounds like a wonderful child. I might be biased but there is something VERY special and unique about CF'ers. They have their own magical way of being.

Anyhoo wanted to pop in and say Hi!