Friday, April 24, 2009

Again with the poop

Warning: Lots of poop talk ahead

Over the past couple of weeks, it's been evident that Seamus is heading down the blockage road again even with three caps of Miralax every day. After a few days of crying when he went poop and vomiting huge gobs of mucus yesterday, we knew it was time to get cleaned out. He's such a trooper and never complains and when we went in for x-rays yesterday, he was a little charmer. Last night in bed, I thanked him for being such a good boy and he said it was the best part of the day. That definitely makes it easier on me, knowing he's not afraid or upset.

So he isn't completely blocked but he does have a significant back-up. His stools are extremely mucusy and sticky even by CF standards so any back-up is like glue and doesn't clear out easily. We started with a home treatment of a liter of Go-lytely, which normally is a huge amount, but not for my Super Sticky Seamus. It barely touched it. We're going to do another round tomorrow but if that doesn't work, we'll probably end up going in to the hospital. They basically do the same thing we do with the Go-lytely but they can do larger doses and keep in eye on his electrolytes and give him more x-rays to see how it's progressing.

Phoenix's mom, Angela, posted this video today. Please say a prayer and think good thoughts for Angela today. She's been having a rough time lately. She's such a special person and does so much for the CF cause. When we first found out about Seamus' diagnosis, someone gave me this poem and I've always loved it. I love Holland more than I could ever have imagined.


CFlover said...

Good luck on the poop cleaning =)

Natalia Ritchie said...

I have lived in 'Holland' all my life and though I would have liked Italy too, I know, I love Holland and it partly whom I am, and it is home.


Alicia said...

Holland is beautiful!

I so love Seamus's sweet attitude. We just started 1 cap of miralax about a month ago, and I can't imagine 3. I feel whiney, and when I think what poor Seamus must feel it breaks my heart. I hope this works, and you avoid a hospital stay.

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