Saturday, May 2, 2009

G-tube question

Something strange happened today. Seamus complained a few times about his stoma, the site of his g-tube, hurting. It was a little red so we put cream on it. When it was time for his Miralax treatment this afternoon, I removed the cap on his button to plug him in and he said that hurt. When you open it, the pressure is usually released which should make it feel better, not worse. His pump is run really fast for his Miralax, 500 ml/hr, but he doesn't usually have a problem with it. Today, he didn't tolerate it very well and we noticed his stomach looked odd. Right above his belly button, an area seemed to poof out, like a two inch vertical ridge. After his treatment was over, the ridge went away and he said it didn't hurt any more. I'm wondering if it could be a hernia? He also has a scar from stomach surgery in the same area so maybe his intestines there are weak. He has so much pressure on his intestines all the time, between the DIOS and all the medicine we pump in him at fast speeds.

Has anyone with g-tube experience ever seen something like this? He gets another Miralax treatment tonight at 500 ml/hr and then his feedings all night at 65 ml/hr. I'm afraid to push it until I can talk to the docs but he really can't miss a dose.

Update: I spoke with Dr C, Seamus' GI doc, and he thinks it might be that his stomach has separated from his abdominal wall, which is not a good thing. This can happen right after a g-tube is placed, but not usually 2 years after, like Seamus. He thinks his tube was pushing the fluid into this separated area outside his stomach cavity which was causing the bulge. We replaced the tube (or I should say James did because I can't stomach it (no pun intended)). If it happens again tonight, we'll need to stop his feeds and take him into the ER tomorrow.

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Tooter's Mommy (Courtney) said...

I hope he feels better!! I don't know why, but something about g-tubes and clubbed fingers freak me out. They are both things that I really hope Olivia doesn't get.