Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Little things

I don't listen to country music very much, not because I don't like the music but because it makes me cry every time. Tonight on my way home from work I was stuck in traffic (what else is new?) and was flipping through the radio stations. I heard a song that sounded good (It Won't Be Like This For Long) and before I knew it I was weeping. Damn you, Hootie, damn you!

These past three and a half years have gone by in a blink. Because I know it won't be like this forever, I want to remember everything I can, even the little things. Like Seamus' two new friends, Gooputz and Har Har, who he is very close to, literally. Gooputz ("Not Gupta, Mommy" delivered with an eye roll worthy of a teenager) is his right hand and Har Har is his left hand and God forbid you mix up the two. They like to climb on jungle gyms and don't like to go to bed.

I also don't want to forget the funny way he has of naming his stuffed animal "dudes". He used to have very literal names for them all like Doggy, Sheepy, and even Dinosaury. Then he got a little more sophisticated with Doggeray, Sheepery, etc. Now he just blurts out a sound like Satsa, Totsi or Gooputz. But the weird thing is he remembers them all even weeks later and never gets the names mixed up.

We went to another Easter Egg hunt last weekend (they had some scheduling problems) and Seamus had a great time, especially on the zip line. Here are some pictures:


Tooter's Mommy (Courtney) said...

I love the pictures of him holding the Easter eggs!! He looks so proud.

I know exactly what you mean about wanting to remember these times. I have been looking at pictures of Olivia and comparing her from today to one year ago and it makes me weepy to see how much she's grown.

I'm glad you're back. I missed you and Seamus terribly!

Natalia Ritchie said...

That is one cute little boy!!

I love the stories of how he does things....names his toys, his hands?? So cute. There will only be more to celebrate as he grows up.

Zoe Isabella said...


I had to laugh at you weeping while listening to that song....I did too! My sons are always teasing me because I cry at most of the stupid country songs! Ugghh!
Great pics!!
Take care,

CFlover said...

I just found your blog through 1 of my folowers and wanted to stop by and saay HI =)
My hubby has CF and I love new CF blog buddies!