Saturday, December 13, 2008

Today was a good day. We started out getting our Seamus' new playroom all organized. He was a big help and loves to help vacuum. The house is finally starting to get in order.

Our friends from music class, Isabel, Sam, and Gigi, came over this afternoon for a playdate. I'm very proud of Seamus for being so good at sharing his toys. He even gave one of his old baby dolls to Isabel's little brother, Oliver.

Then we all went to our town's Holiday Festival. Everybody got their faces painted (Seamus got a nice Xmas tree on his cheek) and we saw the big guy. Seamus had a lot to tell him and just want on and on but Santa wasn't too interested. He barely said a word to any of the kids and kept taking off his beard. What the heck, Santa? Seamus didn't notice his lack of enthusiasm and thought he was just great.

We also had been invited to an Xmas party Johns Hopkins puts on at the airport with Santa flying in but Seamus wasn't up for it. It's a big deal, someone has to actually nominate you from the hospital but he's still complaining about his tummy hurting and the blockage is getting worse so we didn't want to go too far from home. His cold has also gotten worse and lots of the kids at the party are really sick so I didn't want to expose them to anything.

Tomorrow we're going to try to bake some cookies and gingerbread but I think we'll be doing a lot of resting too.


Chris said...

When do we get a .jpg tour of the house??

Julie said...

Check Mom's site, There's lots of pix there.