Saturday, December 20, 2008

Seamus had his clinic appt yesterday and things went really well. His cough has worsened since he was in the ER but Dr P said his lungs sounded fine. She put him back on antiobiotics just in case though. He gained a little under a pound, which is great considering he went without food for almost 2 days earlier in the week. He's also taller and his BMI went up a little.

But the greatest thing, as far as Seamus is considered, is the present Santa left for him, the Go Diego Go! game for the Wii. He would have gotten it at the party last weekend but he was too sick to go. Santa left it at the clinic for him instead. It's awesome! We only got it yesterday but we've already played it for about 5 hours. I would highly recommend it for any toddler because it's very active but not too hard to figure out. He told me he wishes Diego could come out of the tv and play with him.

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Alicia said...

I'm using my Christmas morning with everyone still asleep to finally catch up on my blogging friends! So glad Seamus gained! Has the cough finally gone away?

Thank you for the Wii game recommendation. My son is getting the console for Christmas, so we are entering that world!