Monday, December 22, 2008

We spent almost all weekend at home. I don't think Seamus is feeling up to par yet. Yesterday, he and I were going to have an adventure to see the National Christmas Tree by the White House. I thought he'd be all excited to see the "giant tree" but he really just wanted to stay home and play with his cars and the "tunnel" our builder gave him from the roll of flooring (it's like a 6 foot long paper towel tube.)

Right before we were to leave, he was fussing around so I warned him "If you don't get ready right now, we won't go see the tree." His response was "Okay, we won't go." I really wanted to see it but what can you say to that.

A little while later, James asked him if he was going on an adventure with Mommy and he said "I'll meet her there." James said "You might get lost if you don't go together." Seamus came and found me and said "Mommy, you don't have to go by yourself. I'll come with you," like he was doing me a favor, which I guess actually he was.

On the car ride there, he kept saying he was sooo tired. When we were two blocks away from our destination, I looked in the backseat and he was out like a light so I headed home.

So much for our big adventure.


Anonymous said...

I hope he is feeling better soon! Lots of Hugs for a safe Holiday season and a happy new year!

Alicia said...

Bless his heart.