Tuesday, December 9, 2008


The whole Santa and present thing is all a little too much for Seamus to handle. We talked about the naughty vs nice thing a few weeks ago in a very short conversation and we realy don't talk about it all the time but Seamus has become obsessed.

He's constantly talking about being a naughty boy and if James or I raise our voice to him at all, he'll break down crying and say "I'm a good boy, not a naughty boy." He puts himself into timeout even for things I wouldn't make a big deal of and gets all worked up, and he has, on a few occasions, woken up in the night, crying out "I'm a good boy, I'm a good boy."

It's really too much for him to handle. He's so sweet and sensitive and I feel very guilty. We reassure him as much as we can that he is good boy but I think we have to stop watching the Christmas specials and focus on other things.

On the health front, we did a home clean out treatment last week which helped somewhat but the last few days he's started vomiting again. I'm not sure which doctor to contact because he still has his cough, although it's much better, which is producing lots of sticky mucus that he ends up swallowing. His stools are already super sticky but now they are even stickier and he vomits because things can't go down because he's blocked below. So is it a GI issue or a pulmonary issue? We can try to get him really cleaned out but until he stops producing so much mucus, it will just keep happening. He has a clinic appointment next week. I hope we can wait until then.

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Alicia said...

I'm so sorry that's happening. I hope you get some answers next week.