Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mini vacation

So we just got back from a much neeeded little break. We went to New York to visit my father and family and catch up with friends. Seamus enjoyed himself, although he is the youngest of my friends' kids and found it hard to keep up with the big kids sometimes. Although the majority of time he was definitely the ring leader.

Ga came with us. It did her good to get out of town and visit with friends she hasn't seen in almost a year. It was hard for her to go to all the places she went with Pa but I think it helped her to talk about him with all their friends.

We spent some time in the mountains at our friends, Deb and Scott's, cabin. It was the first time Seamus had been (pseudo)camping and he seemed to like it, although he kept asking us when our trip was going to start. Before we left, we were worried about how he would handle the mustiness of a mountain cabin and things like campfires and swampy places but we were careful and it all worked out.

On another note, we were looking at pictures of Grandma Jo's kitty who died a few years ago and when we told Seamus she was in heaven, he said "Then Pa can visit with her" so I think he's handling Pa's passing okay.

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Chrissy said...

I love the last paragraph. He is so insightful for his age.