Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy Hannah Day

"It was too cold to go out and too wet to play ball." Sorry, that's from Cat in the Hat, one of our nightly regulars.

It actually was too wet to play ball, thanks to Hurricane Hannah, but we went out anyway. Around noon, we decided we'd had enough so we got our rain coats and umbrella and headed out. Mid-way through the walk, it really picked up but it was all the more fun. Seamus ran and ran and jumped through every puddle. It was windy but not cold and we didn't go far so I figured we weren't getting any wetter than we would in a long shower.

After we came in, Cowboy Seamus (he announced early this morning that he was a cowboy and was never far from his hat and "cowboy shoes" all day) and I dried off and got cozy under the covers in bed and read books. He's really picking up words and is going to start reading to me soon. Then CS helped me make brownies and while we waited for them to cook, we played puzzles. It always amazes me how good he is at figuring out puzzles.

Later, we went to Ga's house and had a nice visit. He conked out on the way home, still in the cowboy hat. It was a good day.

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Mira said...

Thanks for sharing the sweet stories. Glad you don't let a little hurricane weather deter your outside fun! "CS" reminds me of my just-turned 4 yr old nephew who decided he should be called "Spike" instead of "Addison" -- this apparently stems from the fact that all the other kids he's met named Addison are girls...