Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to You

My Darling Seamus-

Today you turn three! You are such a big boy now, steadily gaining weight and growing taller despite many obstacles this past year. You have started nursery school and love being with all your friends. Miss Terri says you are a very good student.

This year, you have learned so much. You can count and say all your colors in both English and Spanish. Chinese is next. You love doing jigsaw puzzles and playing with your trains. You've even figured out how to use the the computer.

You walk around singing all day and music class is one of your favorite activities of the week. Rhyming is another favorite thing to do. You can amuse yourself for hours on end coming up with new rhymes, some of them very clever.

Socially, you have grown so much. Your favorite thing is to play with other kids and you are very good at making friends. And what an independent little boy you are. You have no problem leaving Mommy or Daddy when we drop you off for school or being in a group of strangers. And even though you love being with people, you do so well playing by yourself with all your toy friends.

You are wise beyond your years, my love. Often, you say to me "Mommy, are you frustrated?" or "Do you need to talk to someone?" And you are always right.

We are so proud of you, my little pumpkin pie. You are my bestest boy.

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Chrissy said...

Happy Birthday, Big Boy! I'm so sorry we missed it. You too, Jules!