Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Some of the worst words a parent could ever hear (besides "I'm sorry, your baby has Cystic Fibrosis) are from your child begging you to make the pain stop and being completely helpless.

"Please Mommy, make them stop. I said please." It breaks my heart every time we are in the hospital and Seamus pleads with us to stop the doctors/nurses from doing some very painful and scary procedure. We are supposed to protect him and I feel like we are letting him down. I put on a good face and act strong so he won't be as scared but I feel like a piece of his innocence is taken away each time.

Finally after screwing around with home treatments that weren't making any progress, he finally got admitted last night. He is doing okay but is still not clear after 24 hours straight on Golytely.

I was feeling pretty low today and then I thought about all the great things we've been able to do that we wouldn't have if Seamus hadn't been in the hospital 19 times. We've spent hours and hours playing with play dough, drawing pictures, telling silly stories, and laughing. We do these things at home too but while we're here, there are less distractions and more time to just concentrate on each other. Obviously, it's not all fun and games (see paragraph two) but it's not all bad either.

I hope that's what Seamus can remember too when he thinks back on his childhood hospital stays.


Malin said...

Please tell him that all his friends at preschool ask for him and can't wait for him to come back!

Rebecca said...

Sending you both lots of hugs xxx

Seren and Dylan don't mind going to the hospital either, because there is the playroom full of toys, and play therapist, and arts and crafts, board games, and very friendly nurses.

They don't like the treatments, but as scared or stressed as they get, which is HORRENDOUS to watch as their parent, it's mostly or completely forgotten once it's over and they're playing again.

Hope Seamus can get himself cleared out very soon and feel better.

Becky, Seren & Dylan xxx