Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Clean out

A few days ago, I had a stomachache and I asked Seamus what he does to feel better when his tummy hurts. He patted his tummy and said "I do this". Over the next couple days, I noticed he pats his tummy an awful lot. When I asked him if it hurts, he told me "Mommy, it hurts everyday". We've repeatedly told the doctor who doesn't have much else to say but now that his pooping has definitely decreased too, he wanted us to start a clean out.

We started a home clean out with Golytely this morning but the amount we can do at home safely usually barely scratches the surface for Seamus. It's just a prerequesite so when we get to the ER and they tell us to go home and give him Golytely we can say we already did, now admit him.

We'll see what happens.


Tooter's Mommy (Courtney) said...

This makes me feel so badly for him!! I know, as a mommy, we want to be able to help/fix our children and the inability to do so is an awful feeling!!

Malin said...

Hope he is ok? We missed him today.

Julie said...

So far he's okay. He's pooped some but when I asked if his tummy feels better, he said "a little bit". His doctor just got back to me and said it was time for an x-ray but when Seamus heard that he freaked out and said "No, I was just kidding, I do feel better." We may wait and see how he does this afternoon before taking him in.