Thursday, January 21, 2010

The clean out took longer than we expected. He wasn't clear until Saturday after about 24 liters of Golytely. He had a lot of malabsorption that was stuck. We go back to CF clinic tomorrow and have to discuss switching enzymes. He takes 9 Pancrecarb MS4s with meals which is already the highest dose he can take so I don't know what else they can do. He also seems to have caught something while he was in there because he's been coughing and pretty junky sounding.

Seamus has a new hobby, cutting with scissors. Santa brought him a pair of kiddie scissors and they're his favorite present, by far. Seriously, from morning until night, he cuts, cuts, cuts paper "dudes", pictures out of magazines, or anything he can find. He's surprisingly really, really good at it and we spent hours in the hospital drawing and cutting all the Disney and Nick Jr characters.

A funny hospital story: I had to leave the room for a minute so I showed him how to use the call button and told him to call the nurse if he needed her. Apparently, as soon as I left the room, he pressed it and said over the intercom for everyone to hear "Hello, my name is Seamus and I would like some crayons please."

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