Monday, January 4, 2010

Oh boy

My sweet darling angel hit a boy at school today. He was playing superheroes and the other boy was the bad guy. This whole superhero thing is getting out of control.

It's weird because his teacher told us at the beginning of the year it wouldn't surprise her if there was some kind of physical altercation at some point between Seamus and this boy. This little boy was not in the class last year so he didn't know that Seamus was the "Alpha Male" and everybody followed his lead. Seamus wasn't used to sharing the spotlight. I was appalled when the teacher told us this.

When we told her all the girls loved Seamus last year, she said "Well, maybe the 2 year olds.." Again, I was annoyed. My little boy is perfect and charming so of course, the girls would still love him. Well, my charming little toddler has turned into a rough, tough boy always on full speed. It's no surprise the girls in their princess costumes and nail polish want nothing to do with him anymore. Okay, Miss Anne, you know your stuff.

Here are some pictures as promised...

I haven't posted pix in a long time so here are some of the highlights from Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's (notice the hats and the "dudes").

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Malin said...

Great Pics Julie! I think most kids that age goes through an adjustment period trying to figure out where they fit in a class. Boys and girls alike. Luckily boys don't seem to hold a grudge, girls on the other hand...