Monday, July 27, 2009

Not much to report

I've been very bad at updating lately. There hasn't been a lot to say. Seamus seems to be feeling better but still not 100%. We went back to the GI doc on Friday and the latest news is he has SIBO, Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth. It's caused by malabsorbtion and slow gastric emptying. It basically causes a lot of gas, discomfort and stomach distention. He's started on two different antibiotics which he'll cycle through indefinitely, hoping he doesn't get resistant to either.

All of this is starting to affect him more than just physically. At the doctor's office, James and Seamus were reading a book about pooping on the potty. Half way through Seamus asked him to stop and told James it makes him sad he can't poop like other kids. And last weekend, when we asked him to go to the pool, he kept crying and saying he didn't want to go. Later he told me, "I want to go to the pool, but I just don't feel like it."

We have had some fun times in between the down times. We stumbled across a really cute little Mom and Pop amusement park, Adventure Park USA, a week ago. We were on our way to somewhere else but that looked more fun, so we stopped. It's in the style of an old Western town. Seamus has been calling it the Cowboy Town.

Seamus and James went to the Baltimore Zoo last week. Seamus was very enamored with the chimpanzees and baby elephant and told me all about it as we snuggled in bed that night. He also felt up to two playdates and a birthday party this weekend so that was a great improvement.

Seamus still amazes me and everyone who meets him everyday. No matter what he goes through, he's always ready with hugs and kisses. I'm so proud of him.


Tooter's Mommy (Courtney) said...

Hearing of him being sad breaks my heart! I don't want our children to feel different and them knowing at such a young age that they are hurts my soul.

I am glad you guys have had some really fun times lately!

Rebecca said...

Sending him lots of hugs. I really hope that the antibiotics help the SIBO, and that he'll improve soon. I hope that you get to have lots more fun and trips out over the summer!


Becky xxx