Saturday, July 11, 2009

Back to Normal

Seamus came home Wednesday evening and has been just relaxing since. He had a CF clinic appointment on Friday. I had missed so much work that I couldn't go so James took him alone. He's gained a pound and a half in 2 months which is great considering he hadn't eaten anything for 4 days while he was in the hospital. His coughing has increased a little probably due to the beginning of an ear infection so we won't be going to the pool today. After the appointment, we always like to take Seamus on an "adventure" so they went to see "Ice Age 3". Seamus gave it a thumbs up.

We may go to the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens today. It's a beautiful place right in the middle of an urban area that most people don't know exists. He can run around but not be around a lot of people which I think is what he needs.

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