Monday, May 25, 2009

Pool Plan

First, I want to thank Natalia for her very honest and helpful comments on my last post. It confirmed a lot of what I already thought and made me feel better about being so obsessive. I think sometimes the doctors are afraid be brutally honest with the new CF families because they think we'll freak out. It's a fine line between letting him be a "normal" kid and keeping him safe and sometimes it's hard to do both.

We've come up with a plan for the pool. We found out the girl is 11 and has active MRSA so we are going to try to go to the pool in the morning during Toddler swim when she won't be there. If we are there when she is there, Seamus will go with James to the changing/bathroom area and won't go into the ladies room. Since he spends most of his time in the wading pool (he calls it the Navy pool) or the little kids' playground, he shouldn't be exposed to her.

Other than hanging out at the pool, we didn't do much else this weekend. Seamus hasn't been feeling very good and hasn't been up to his normal crazy antics so it's been pretty calm around here.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good plan. Sorry I wasn't much help, I haven't had to deal with that yet.
Have fun swimming!

Tooter's Mommy (Courtney) said...

We haven't come in contact with anyone with CF either. We keep everything incredibly clean and steril for Olivia and get stressed when people come in and start coughing (even if they've just gotten choked up on food). I am the hand-washing police.

I say, keep him healthy - whatever it takes - but still have fun. We got a 8ft wide x 30in deep pool for the backyard to keep Olivia away from germs.

Natalia Ritchie said...

Sounds like a plan!! Good for you! xoxo