Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Not much going on lately. Seamus had another home clean out last week and an appointment with his GI doc. He has some concerns that the flovent treatment he's been on for his EE for almost a year is now causing fungal esophagitis. His episodes of DIOS seem to be happening more frequently, and although his food allergies and EE aren't directly related to his DIOS, anything that affects his upper GI tract seems to have an impact on the lower GI tract too. He has to confer with Seamus' allergist but it looks like another endoscopy is in the near future.

Although Seamus still mentions that pooping hurts and has a stomachache most of the time, he still is in pretty good spirits. He went back to school today which makes him very happy. It's really easy to make Seamus happy. I wish I could have the same attitude.


Lil' Chris' Mom said...

YEA! Back to school, that's great!
Good luck with everything:)

Piglet's Mommy said...

I don't know if this is stupid to mention, but one of Olivia's doctors was part of a study that proved Miralax to help with preventing DIOS. I don't know what it would do if your child already has DIOS, but it might be worth asking about.

I hope everything goes well with the appointments!


Julie said...

Oh, Seamus and Miralax are good friends. He's been getting three capfuls a day through his g-tube for years and even with that and Mucomist, which makes the poop less sticky, and routine treatments of Go-lytely, he still gets DIOS. He really has the CF and GI docs stumped.

But any ideas are welcome and if anybody hears of a big breakthrough, please let us know!