Saturday, January 24, 2009


I've been meaning to write about the Inauguration. We live just a few miles from the Capitol building but we decided it was going to be too crazy to try to go down there. I watched it on tv with Ga and Seamus and Daddy went to a neighborhood party to celebrate.

Seamus has known about Barack Obama for a long time. I didn't know how much to get into it the importance of the occasion with him because as far as he's concerned there's nothing that needs to be discussed. He sees absolutely no difference between Obama and any other man so of course he could be president. We live in a very diverse area and Seamus has friends of all colors and ethnic groups. He has good friends who have parents from El Salvador, Nigeria, Latvia, and Korea.

He did understand something big was going on when Pete Seeger started singing "This Land is Our Land" at the concert at the Lincoln Memorial and Mommy and Daddy were both crying. (That was awesome, wasn't it?) He came in sat in my lap and said nothing, which is very difficult for a three year old.

One day we will talk about the significance of the first African-American president and what that means for all of us but for now, I want him to hold onto his innocence and to believe anyone truly can be what they want to be, including kids with CF. I can learn a lot from a three year old.

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