Saturday, April 5, 2008

Random stuff

Seamus has probably 100 "friends", little plastic animals all over the house who have lots of conversations with each other and with him. Sometimes I overhear some funny stuff.

Camel: "Hi Polar Bear"
Polar Bear: "Hi Camel, nice humps"

Froggy: "Seamus, you're not supposed to color on the toy box. That's naughty."
Seamus: "I'm sorry"
(I've heard of kids reprimanding their toys but never the toys reprimanding the kid)

Seamus didn't feel very well today. I think his tummy is hurting. This morning after his bath he said he wanted to go back into his crib to "relax". He stayed up there awhile and when I asked him how he was feeling he said "Sick". Later he heard me sniffing because my allergies are acting up and came over and sat next to me and said "How are you feeling?" It was very sweet.

We started taking a music class this weekend. There's a lot of dancing and jumping and playing instruments, Seamus absolutely loves it. He has so much interaction with the other kids, much more than gymnastics. There is a little girl, Isabelle, who is a female version of Seamus. They hit it off right away.

We've also started investigating pre-schools for the Fall. We found one we like that is pretty small and has experience with kids with CF so we're trying to get in there. It's only 2 days a week so we're hoping it's enough time to socialize but not so much time that he'll start picking up lots of colds and other things. We've kept him healthy (lung-wise) so far and we don't want that to change but he's so excited about going to "school" and playing with other kids, we have to do it.

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