Sunday, April 20, 2008

Busy week

I haven't posted in quite awhile. We've been very busy with Spring activities and guests. Seamus has had a lot of fun now that the warm weather is finally here.

Saturday 4/12 - We went to the park with Ga and Pa. Seamus rode on the zebra on the merry-go-round right next to Ga who didn't think she had it in her to climb up on the horse but she did it. Then we went on the train ride which Ga thought was very nice. It's always one of Seamus' favorites. We discovered a huge playground that had all kinds of things to climb on including an elephant, seal, and huge wooden cars that looked like the Flintstone cars. We're going to go back there when we have more time.

Sunday 4/13 - Seamus got his first bike! It's his Super Duper Thomas Bike, that's his official name for it. It's a Thomas the Train tricycle and it's super cool. We took it down to the park and he tried to take it on the slide with him. I convinced him it was too big but he had to at least take the small pack on the front of the bike off and send that down the slide and on the swings. He's having a hard time getting the hang of it and ends up walking Thomas more than riding but he'll get it.

Monday 4/14 - Grandpa and Aunt Bailea came for a visit! Seamus hadn't seen them since last October so he had lots of new stuff to show off. We all went out to dinner and he ended up entertaining the whole restaurant with his dance moves.

Tuesday 4/15 - Mommy and Daddy went out to dinner to celebrate Daddy's finishing graduate school!! Seamus got to spend time with all his grandparents, Ga, Pa and Grandpa.

Wednesday 4/16 - Seamus, Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa and Aunt Bailea all went to the zoo. It was a beautiful day and we saw all kinds of special things. The Orang utans were walking overhead on the wires, the mommy panda came right down in front of us which is really rare, and we saw the elephants and sea lions get fed.

Thursday and Friday - play, play, play

Saturday - We went to the Riverdale Community Garden Festival and Seamus got his face painted and ran around with a new friend. Then we went to the Hyattsville Arts Festival and saw lots of pretty things and heard nice music. The highlights were the hula hoops for kids and seeing our good friend Lilly.

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Rebecca said...

Go JAMES!!!! Congratulations on graduation! Wow!