Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Seamus has six freckles. One on the inside of each knee (a matched set), one on his face under his right eye, one on his chin, one under his chin and one in a private spot I won't mention. He's getting new ones each day and he loves to count them and then try to count Mommy's. Good luck on that one!

Last night, we discovered the one on his chin and he was so happy he almost burst. All he could say was "Hug, Mommy!"

I love his hugs. He holds on so tight and really squeezes. It's like he has so much emotion flowing out of him that he can't put into words so he puts it into his hugs.


Chrissy said...

Tell him that Uncle Woody, Aunt Chris, Alex and Cassideeeeeee all congratulate him on his new freckle. :)

Julie said...

Thanks, he'll love it! And another one popped up next to his left ear. He's following in the Scheib freckle footsteps for sure.