Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day 2009

I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat, feeling achy and congested in my chest and sounding like Scarlett Johannson. I decided to stay home not so much because I felt bad but didn't want to spread anything around my office. It's a weird kind of feeling, it doesn't really hurt to breathe, but it definitely takes more of an effort to take a deep breathe and I'm very phlegmy. I wonder if this is how Seamus feels every day and thinks every one else does too.

We saw a really good movie this weekend, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. On the surface, it's about some teenagers running around New York City looking for an underground concert but really it's about the two main characters looking for more out of life and finding each other. At the end (Spoiler Alert!), they don't end up seeing the concert and Norah says to Nick, "I'm sorry you missed it". He replies happily, "I didn't miss it, this is it." That's my new motto.

We had a very adventure filled weekend. I had a meeting in downtown DC which let out early so James and Seamus met me at the Natural History Museum. Seamus loves it there and we thought he was ready to handle the 3-D Dinosaur Imax show. Well, he disagreed. We went in with our 3-D glasses and as soon as the first meteor came at us, he yelled "This is scary. I should not be here." We left and got a refund and went to the butterfly exhibit instead. It's a big greenhouse with tons of butterflies flying around landing on people. Then we went to the American History Museum and saw the old trains and cars. We ended the day eating at a little French bakery where Seamus ate more food than I've ever seen.

Saturday was Valentines Day and we spent the day decorating cards and going with Ga to the University of Maryland to take pictures to share with her friends back home on her blog. He had celebrated V-Day at school on Thursday and loved the whole idea of it. All day, he kept wishing us all Happy Valentines Day. He told me when the sun went down it would be Valentines Night so then he kept wishing us Happy Valentines Night.

Sunday we went back downtown to the National Building Museum which has a Kid's Building Zone, where Seamus played with huge Legos and other building blocks. Of course, I ran after him with sanitizer all day, but still with all the exposure he's had lately, I'm surprised he's not the one sounding like Scarlett Johannson.


Tooter's Mommy (Courtney) said...

It's funny that you say that about snaitizer because it's something I've been wondering about lately. I was wondering if Olivia would be able to play in public play areas without getting super sick and how I go about letting her do "normal" things.

Lil' Chris' Mom said...

Sounds like me w/ the sanitizer;)