Monday, February 9, 2009

Last week was looong. It started out with James being stuck in bed for two days with the stomach flu which he then passed on to me. Seamus may have also gotten it but it's so hard to tell if it was a bug or his GI stuff acting up. He never really complained, but he never does. He's had a runny nose all week so we're crossing our fingers it doesn't turn into a cough.

Tuesday was pajama day at school and Thursday was picture day. On Friday, he had a Wii date with his friend Zoe. It's like a drug he wants to share with all his friends.

Saturday night was the big Poker tournament for Seamus' nursery school. I've seen poker on tv but have never played so I wasn't expecting too much. Guess what? I won the whole thing!! Seamus was so impressed and loves the trophy.

Sunday we went to a birthday party with all his friends from school at "Pump It Up", one of those places with all the moon bounces and slides. Seamus absolutely loved it but I spent my time being a nervous wreck chasing him around with hand sanitizer.

I guess I'm a little down today because being in those situations is always a reminder to me that Seamus is different than most kids. He can't just run and play without worrying about germs and he couldn't have the pizza and cake because of his food allergies. Also, parents were talking about summer camp at the nursery school and I don't think Seamus can do that either. They stay out all day playing in the sand box and water table which are both breeding grounds for mold. And forget about getting dehydrated and running around in a bathing suit with his feeding tube sticking out.

I'm sorry, I've said this blog is supposed to be about recording the good times but for some reason today, I'm having a hard time with that. I really do recognize how lucky I am. Seamus couldn't be a happier little kid and once I get home and see him, things will be better. They always are.


Lil' Chris' Mom said...

I know exactly what you mean. When your at home, it's just routine/normal. But once you get out in the public, you see how different things are for your child than the child next to them. You have to be extra careful about everything.
You made me smile when you said that you were running around sanitizing:) I do the same thing:) I'm glad you posted it, b/c it is a good example for all us CF moms:)
You are doing a GREAT JOB and don't let it get you down. Like you said, we are blessed with what amazing kids we have that always have smiles on their faces:)

Alicia said...

It's okay to have down days and express them. I like you just being real!