Saturday, August 9, 2008

County Fair

I have two words for you, pig races. As soon as Seamus heard there were pig races at the County Fair, it was "When are we going to the pig races?, Where are the pig races?, Can't we go to the pig races now?"

This County Fair was just like what I would imagine a 1950's County Fair in IA would be, minus the deep-fried Oreo cookies and Wii raffle. You'd never think we were less than an hour away from Washington DC.

We saw cows, pigs, sheep and horses. Seamus got to play with a bunch of kids in the "corn pit", a giant sandbox full of animal feed. A clown made him a giant spider balloon that was almost bigger than him.

He went for a ride on the bug roller coaster and car ride, alone like a big boy, and he ate cotton candy. He even won a prize stuffed whale playing a game. It was the duck pond where everyone wins but never the less, he still won.

And of course, there was the pig races (and a duck race). It didn't quite live up to all the build up but Seamus didn't notice. He was too busy playing dragon vs cow and pig with the kid next to us.

On another note, Seamus is totally into the Olympics. I never expected that. He recognizes all the gymnastic equipment and keeps saying "I did that in gymnastics." He also watches the swimming and says they are "scooping and kicking" like he does in swim class.

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