Friday, July 11, 2008

Here We Go Again

We were not paying attention to the calendar or we would have been better prepared. We've been told (by doctors at the hospital no less) that do not ever go to the hospital in July unless absolutely necessary. Not only are the brand new doctors starting, there is also a big turn over of higher up docs who may know medicine, but are not necessarily familiar with the workings and politics of a hospital. This is true all over, not just at Hopkins. Last year, we ran into the same exact problems.

Unfortunately, even if we had read the calendar, we had no choice. After the vomiting got progressively worse and the very intensive home treatment failed, we had to go in to the ER on Tuesday. To make a very long story short, after seeing a new intern who was afraid to make waves and being diagnosed over the phone by a new fellow who knew nothing of Seamus' long history with DIOS and couldn't even be bothered to actually see him, we were sent home at 1:00 AM. Well no shock, the next day he continued to vomit so a gastrograffin enema was scheduled for yesterday. That's a heavy duty treatment in radiology which is supposed to break up anything. Supposed to being the key word.

Well, here we are the next day and three vomits later. He hasn't thrown up since this morning but that's because he refuses to eat anything. He's barely eaten anything since over a week ago and it really shows. Not only is he skin and bones, he has no energy. We just tried to take a walk and James had to carry him after about 15 steps.

I'm trying to think of something good so this post isn't all negative but I really can't. Even our "venture" to the zoo after the gastrograffin ended in a messy disaster. We know we're going to have to go back but the only thing worse than going to the ER in July is going to the ER in July on a weekend.


Rebecca said...

I'm so sorry you guys had that crappy experience! Next year you will have to go in June so you can skip the whole July thing! OR - BETTER YET - NOT GO AT ALL!!! :)

Alicia said...

I'm so sorry for you. How is Seamus doing?