Sunday, July 27, 2008


We survived Chicago without any hospital visits, although we had two close calls completely unrelated to CF. Getting there and getting back were both two very long stories but in between we had fun.

We started our visit in Millenium Park which is great for kids. The Crown Fountain was Seamus' favorite. It's two huge structures with faces of Chicagoans displayed which every few minutes "spit" a stream of water which kids play in along with waterfalls. Seamus also got to go to his first real concert. Justin Roberts, who I had never heard of but apparently is very popular, was performing an outdoor concert. Seamus got right down in front and experienced his first mosh pit with all the kids who knew all the words and were dancing like crazy people.

We spent a day at the aquarium and got to see the dolphin show, baby belugas, and lots of starfishes just like Patrick.

But the biggest attraction was our room. Seamus never wanted to leave. It was nice (nothing too extravagent) but it had a big comfy bed where he got to watch movies, eat bagels and sleep with Mommy and Daddy. I think he was still pretty worn out from being in the hospital the week before because he wasn't as energetic and crazy as usual. He needed time to rest up and eat. His appetite was great and he couldn't get enough carbs. He ate tons of french fries, bagels, and pretzels. We were happy to see him eat anything after the previous few weeks.

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