Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fourth of July Weekend

We started out on the Fourth at our friends', Brianne and Todd. Seamus was his normal charming self and even got to run around all "nudie-boy" in the sprinkler. He couldn't get over how good the corn on the cob was.

Uncle Rick came to visit later in the day and we all went to the movies. Let me tell you, Wall-E is a good movie but not so great if you're two years old. Seamus has been to two movies before and did really well but they had lots of cute characters running around. For the first 20 minutes of Wall-E, he's by himself or with one other bug and/or robot. Not too exciting. It finally picked up and Seamus got into it and he's still talking about it.

Saturday, we went duck pin bowling. Seamus came in second place behind Daddy! He was a great motivator, cheering us all on, and was actually pretty good but lost interest around frame 7.

We also spent much of the weekend dealing with vomiting. Seamus wasn't holding anything down by Sunday so we did one of our clean out treatments last night. It seems to have helped.

Here's some pics of the last few weeks:

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