Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Go Diego Go!

Seamus is the first one to tell you he's a big boy, not a baby. And big boys wear Big Boy Panties with Diego on them. He started going on the potty before his second birthday so we were very excited and thought we were going to be done with diapers in no time. Not exactly.

The doctors have warned us it's going to be hard. Seamus takes so much medicine to make him go that it's very hard to control it. We've tried to cut back on the meds but then he ends up blocked up and in the hospital. He also spends all night and three times a day getting fluids pumped into him which is too much for his little bladder to hold.

He really is doing a great job though. Mentally, he gets it and lets us know as much as he can. Those Diego panties will be his someday!

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