Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Seammy and Mommy's Adventure

Today, Seamus and I had a nice adventure, or as Seamus calls it, our "venture". We spent the afternoon at the Baltimore Inner Harbor being pirates.

Our afternoon started with an unexpected visit to the GI clinic. Since his ER visit last month, we've been doing various treatments at home, none of which have been very effective. Today at our visit, the GI doc today told me "Mrs Coleman, there is nothing else we can do. We've tried everything." I really don't know what I'm supposed to do with that. It seems like I should be upset but I'm not because I refuse to believe it.

After leaving the clinic, I decided we needed to do something fun. I asked Seamus what he wanted to do and what he wanted more than anything was to get a lollypop, a "big, big green lollypop." We set out on our adventure to find it.

At the Inner Harbor, we found a red lollypop (next best thing) and some fruit punch and sat and watched the boats. You'd think he had won the lottery. They have paddle boats shaped like dragons which he loved. Maybe we'll ride them on our next adventure. I know it's cliche, but seeing things through his eyes really does make me appreciate them more. I didn't remember how good fruit punch tastes.

After we finished with our treats, we took a tour on the USS Constellation, a real Civil War naval vessel, but to us it was a real pirate boat. Seamus got to steer the ship, play with the cannons and run around like a swashbuckler.

He is going to get x-rays tomorrow and there's a good chance he'll be admitted again.

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