Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Like all kids, Seamus has his own unique way of talking. He still can't pronounce the "br" or the "l" sound very well so things come out like "blekfast" and "wowwypop". The other day, he apologized for something and said he did it by "ascident". Often he likes to hang "uspide-down". One day he's going to get it right, and I think I'll be very sad.

Mother's Day was very nice. We went out to dinner on Saturday with Ga and Pa and had lots of fun (if you don't count the throwing up at the table, which doesn't faze us at all but the poor waiter looked a little shaken up).

On Sunday, we went to Music class and saw all our friends. Miss Jamie has told us to let the kids experience the music however they like, and in Seamus' case, that means running around the circle we all sit in at full force for the entire hour.

Afterward, Mommy got a nice nap while the boys went to the playground. It stopped raining just long enough to enjoy it. I had asked Seamus if he wanted to join me in a nap, and he said "No, that's lousy".

After opening presents and having delicious strawberry angel food cake, we all played bubbles. You can never go wrong with bubbles. Seamus got a work out chasing them around the living room.

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