Saturday, March 1, 2008

Rough Days

Anyone who has ever experienced life with a two-year old knows some days can be pretty rough. Today has been one of those days.

Breakfast this morning turned into a battlefield. Seamus wouldn't eat anything but his blueberries and formula. After accidentally spilling his cup, he discovered how artistic he could be with the berries. After Mommy cleaned it up and then caught him intentionally dumping his formula again and making "blueberry rainbows" on the table, chair, himself..., I'd about had enough. (Although, I do admit they were pretty.)

After trying to get him out of the bathtub numerous times, I finally gave in to his screaming and let him stay in there for 30 minutes. The pruny kid had surprised me by sticking some "friends" up the bathroom faucet. After pulling out the plastic scuba man and blue fish, I gave up trying to rescue the gold fish. The tweezers and screwdriver didn't help so he may be stuck permanently.

Then we get to the playroom. James and I make an attempt to get him to keep his playroom at least somewhat tidy. Today, not so much. I was in the kitchen and turned around and saw him dump his huge bin of stuffed animals (I'm talking 50-60 animals) on the floor and take a WWE-worthy diving leap into the pile. They're still sitting there.

I know he's stir crazy because we didn't leave the house on this freezing day and he misses his Ga and Pa. Pa is back in the hospital and Ga is usually with him.

I also need to remember little moments like last night when we were going to bed. We climbed the stairs together and when we got to the top he said "Thanks for holding my hand, Mommy". I love the little monster to pieces.

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Anonymous said...

I know life is hard but these are beautiful stories that he will treasure when he is a daddy. And a sense of humor is a must. He is adorable. God bless. Emily Thanks for sharing with me.