Friday, February 15, 2008


Sometimes he's so cute I can't stand it.

One of the first things Seamus says every morning is "I have to throw up!!" (Good morning to you too, son) We've taught him to run into the bathroom and do it into the bathtub, which sounds gross but is a lot easier to clean up than the living room floor and not as germy as other places in the bathroom.

This morning I was in the shower so James brought in a little basin, or tub, for him to use. When he was done James said to carry the tub with him in case he had to throw up again.

Seamus bent down next to the shower and started grunting and in all seriousness said "It's too heavy". It took us a few minutes to realize he was trying to pick up the bathtub and carry it around with him.

I guess it's pretty warped when vomiting starts to be a source of humor but this is our life and you work with what you have.

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