Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Jumping, and Spinning, and Dancing

Seamus has a new activity. He started taking a gymnastics class last weekend. I expected it was going to be a class of 2 year olds rolling around on the floor, playing games. Little did I know...

We pulled up to the Wayne Curry Sports Center about 10 minutes before his class started. It's a huge complex for serious athletes. A track and field event and a real gymnastics meet were going on so Ga had to drop us off at the door and drive about 2 miles away to park. Thank God or we would have missed the class.

We walked into the gymnastics center, which could be used to hold the Olympics, and saw hundreds of kids of all ages running around. The class started with stretching (try getting a 2 year old to do hamstring stretches)and then we were into a serious lesson. The instructor taught us how to spot our kids and what form they should be using.

They had real equipment for the kids to use, albeit miniture size. Seamus excelled at the trampoline and the balance beam. Part of the floor routine was somersaults (within 5 minutes of walking in the door) which he wasn't too thrilled about. The instructor tried to get him to tuck by holding his tummy and pushing on his feeding tube, which wasn't too nice, and just flipped him right over. The look of fear on his face was horrible. He got right over it though and was on to the next thing. He loved the rings and the uneven bars. He called it the playground which I guess it was.

When class was over, he cried and he's been talking about it ever since so we can't wait for this weekend.

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