Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hi Kids!

Today was pretty chilly, in the 30's, but Seamus was a little stir crazy so we walked down to the playground in the park at the end of our street. I haven't been there with him in a few months and I was amazed at the difference in him. He was climbing up and down on everything like a big boy, not a baby. I used to have to stand right next to him as he climbed on things, but not anymore.

A couple really big kids(about 7 yrs old) came over and Seamus literally started jumping for joy. As soon as he saw them, he called out "Hi Kids!!" They were nice enough to say hi back but they had no interest in playing with a 2 year old. He didn't seem to notice. He followed them around and tried to play, giggling at everything the big kids could do. He didn't seem to mind that they were ignoring him, but it broke my heart to see how much he wanted to join in.

It really reinforced the idea that he needs to be involved in more social activities. It's so hard finding the balance between sheltering him from germs and illnesses and making sure he doesn't miss out on being a little kid.

On the way home, he said "That was lots of fun, Mommy" so the day was a success.

BTW, he is kicking ass on the balance beam. Yesterday he was a pro and also impressed Miss Patty with his new somersault abilities.

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