Sunday, January 20, 2008

Brave Boy

I'm very proud of my little Seamus. One of his favorite books is "How I Feel: Scared" and he has discovered that he can be afraid of something and overcome his fears and do it anyway.

Yesterday, we met our friends for lunch and a spin on the carousel at the mall. Seamus usually decides to ride on the stationary sleigh but this time, on the second ride, he chose a horse. He was very nervous and cried but as soon as the ride started, he loved the up and down.

He also has mastered the somersault. I've never seen him so scared as he was at gymnastics when they flipped him over, but at home we did one onto his stuffed Elmo chair and he was hooked.

In fact, he's gotten be quite the daredevil. At gymnastics, he jumps on the trampoline, they jump up and put their legs out in front of them and land on their butt. He's decided he can do this anywhere, including on the hard wood floors at home.

I started this post yesterday and it's just a coincidence I wrote about how brave Seamus has become because it looks like he might be heading to the hospital again. It's been a month since he was last cleaned out and he's started to have the same old symptoms. It's starting to wear me down. The doctors keep trying new things but it doesn't seem to matter, he ends up in the same place. I feel like we put him through so much and are getting no where.

I'm going to try to learn from Seamus and try to be brave. I think I may need to read the Scared book again.

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