Thursday, September 6, 2007

Shakin' Bacon

Tonight Seamus fell asleep in the middle of his treatments. I'm not talking about the relaxing breathing treatment. It was during Shakin' Bacon. He wears a vest which fills up with air and shakes him up like a Mexican jumping bean. It breaks up the mucous in his lungs and it is extremely loud. Not only that, I was vacuuming and Happy Feet was on the DVD full blast. So I know he was exhausted.

I think it was in a good way. Our neighbors, William and Elita, watch Seamus in the afternoons so James has some time to do his schoolwork or work on his Farmers' Market things. They have a 10 year old daughter that Seamus is in love with, Stephanie, or "My Stephie". He wouldn't dream of taking a nap while he is over there and missing out on prime Stephie time. They are teaching him Spanish and have a dog to play with. Our kitties just don't compare.

So although I felt bad that he was so exhausted and still had to sit through his treatments, I'm glad it was because he had such a fun day.

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