Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Seamus is getting a real sense of humor. Certain things just strike him as hilarious. Like watching Mommy spit while she brushes her teeth or blowing raspberries on every part of Mommy and Daddy's body. The other day he kept repeating the phrase "I ate" and giggling like a madman. I think he put together that the word eight/ate has two different meanings. I love his laugh. He puts his whole heart into it and really means it.

The past two weekends, we've gone to two different music festivals and Seamus was the star of the show. At the Takoma Park Folk Festival, the drummer asked him to come up and play the bongo drums with him. He had a blast and continued to entertain the crowd with a few dance numbers. Saturday we went to the Johnny Appleseed Festival and again he thrilled the audience with some Bluegrass moves. He can't get enough music, any kind. He loves to sing, especially the Seamus song. Normally, when he sings he just belts it out but when he sings his song, he gets a very serious tone like he knows it deserves more respect.

I haven't been in the mood much lately to post. We've had a few hospital visits, one very upsetting one. But at least now we have the biopsy results from the endoscopy and it looks like Seamus has more severe food allergies. They already knew about the milk and soy so now we go back to the allergist next week and try to figure what else he could be allergic to. It's slow progress but at least we feel like we're moving forward finally.

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