Friday, September 28, 2007

Happy Birthday to You!

My Darling Seamus-

Today you turn two, such a big boy, your age no longer measured in months but years.

This past year has been an exciting one. You are an absorbent little sponge and have learned so much. This year you've learned to walk, count, and say your A-B-C's. Also you've learned your colors, shapes and every instrument in the orchestra. You tell jokes and stories and sing all kinds of songs.

But more importantly, because of all that you've been through, you've learned compassion and empathy. When Mommy is upset about something, you let me know that things will be okay and are always ready with a gentle stroke for my cheek or a funny raspberry on my belly. You understand how Izzy feels when he goes to the vet and are especially gentle with him. Sometimes you look at me with so much love in your eyes, I literally can't breathe.

You are very stubborn and persistent, just like both Mommy and Daddy. That quality has served you well. Whether it's never giving up until you get a puzzle piece to fit, or dealing with your daily health issues, you're a fighter and I'm so proud of you.

I love you, my little porcupine. You are my bestest boy.

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