Thursday, June 25, 2009

Los Angeles Trip

We had a great time although you knew we wouldn't get through this trip without a visit to the ER (more on that later).

Seamus seemed to be doing better a few days leading up to the trip but as we were waiting to board the plane in Baltimore, he vomited all over the Food Court. So we quickly got him changed and onto the plane where things went very smoothly. He loves to fly and was such a good boy during the 7 hour trip. After landing in LA and getting our rental car, we weren't on the road more than 10 minutes when he vomited again, huge amounts all over the car and rented car seat. We thought we were in serious trouble then.

We took it easy that night and got ready to go to Disney the next morning. During breakfast in our very nice hotel room, Seamus let loose with the puking again. He said he felt good so we continued with our plans. Disney ended up being great. The weather was a little cloudy and low 70's which kept local people away but was great for us. We didn't stand in line more than 15 minutes for any ride and Seamus got to meet and hug almost all the Disney gang: Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Winnie, Tigger, and Chip N Dale. He was thrilled but still talks about how we missed Donald.

That night we headed up to LA where my conference was. We were all exhausted from jet lag and all day at Disney so we just wanted to go to bed. Ha ha, not in the plans. James got us each a bottle of beer for dinner and then realized we didn't have a bottle opener. He decided to use his car keys and ended up slicing his finger open across the base of his finger nail. The blood did not stop gushing so we called the hotel doc who thought he might have sliced his artery. We had to go to the ER immediately. By now, it was 8:30, or 11:30 by our internal clocks, and Seamus still hadn't eaten dinner. We all packed up and went to the ER. It ended up okay, not the artery but James needed stitches and 14 shots in his pinkie finger so they could tear his nail off. Yuck! After leaving there and getting his prescription filled, it was midnight, or 3 AM to us.

The rest of the trip was a little less stressful. We went Venice Beach and the Santa Monica Pier, spent time with some long lost friends and James and Seamus hit Griffith Park and the Zoo. It was fun but I'm glad to be home.

Here are some pix of our great time:

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Zoe Isabella said...

Great pics!
I have to admit I was VERY glad to hear the ER visit was for hubby, not Seamus....:) One more good reason to carry a bottle opener on your key chain>>>.:) LOL....
Glad your home and safe!
Take care...hope Seamus's vomiting quiets down....