Friday, June 5, 2009

Another g-tube question

This is a question to g-tube users and/or caregivers. Others be forewarned, it's pretty gross.

Seamus has had his g-tube for more than 2 years now and really, other than having it needed to be replaced about 8 times for various reasons, he really hasn't had any major problems like infections. But the last few days his stoma has been getting pinker (which has now spread) and last night he really started to complain that it hurt when I touched it, especially when I try to rotate it. It also had some yellow gunky stuff oozing out.

We usually put a mixture of Maalox and Desitin on it and yesterday I did Bacitracin but they haven't helped. He also has started complaining about pooping hurting again and gagged on his enzymes this morning which could be completely unrelated.

I have calls in to the GI nurse and doctor to see if he needs to be seen or just needs some stronger antibiotic cream but sometimes it takes a while to hear back. Since we don't have lots of experience with this, I don't know if it's okay to wait or if we should try to get him in to his pediatrician right away. Any suggestions?

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